Sins, Shoes & Secrets of Sarah

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Sarah/..Sairs…/ Sare-bear…/ Sis… 28. y/o lover of music, travel, laughing and boys with brown eyes.

I fight a constant battle of what i want to do with my life, where I want to be and how to get there and what I think my life should be like, I dream, alot. I constantly have to remind myself that its ok to not do what everyone else is doing.

I also live in a mild state of panic at various times that I will end up alone, with all my worldly possessions in a shopping cart and only15 cats to keep me company ( I dont even own a cat).

Have issues with my weight, but it doesnt define who I am anymore. 38 kilos down.. 33 to go.

I’m always on tour & I’m always home,
I’m alert & I’m tried,
I have good days & I have bad days,
I drink & I quit & I start again,
I dance & I hide,
I cry & I smile,
I’m bold & I’m shy,
I’m loyal.
I laugh & I hurt,
I’m focused & I’m lost
I’m a drifter & I’m a homebody
I’m assertive & I’m calm
I’m honest & I lie,
I’m crowded & I’m alone,
I’m inappropriate & I’m fun,
I’m deceptive & I’m polite,
I sink & I swim,
I’m smart & I’m vague,
I live & I will die…..
But if you know me,, you really really know me.. you know that I give you all I have as a person – sister – daughter – friend.

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